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As one of the leaders in providing solutions to blocked drains in Sydney, our Blocked Drain Specialists are well-equipped and highly trained to get rid of your problems quickly and professionally. We ensure to put smiles on your faces.
The common causes of blocked drains include:

  • Penetration of tree roots leading to complete blockage of sewer or stormwater pipes
  • Leaves and other debris such as silt and building materials can clump together causing clogs
  • Toiletries, especially wet wipes, are known to cause blocked drains
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Clearing your Blocked Drain

The following are just some of the drain clearing equipment and supplies used by our Blocked Drain Specialists:

  1. Water jet drain cleaner
  2. Electric Eel drain cleaner
  3. RootX, a root intrusion solution
  4. Bio-Clean drain septic bacteria
  5. High strength acid

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Blocked Drain Repairs Collaroy

Chris was just opening the shop doors when Haley came out of the bathroom in the back. “Hey, all the toilets are blocked,” she called. Chris propped the door open and looked at her as he picked up the sign board he set up on the footpath.

“What, all of them?” The waitress nodded, moving behind the counter to look for the phonebook where they kept all of their Tradies numbers. She thumbed through the pages until she found the local Collaroy Plumbers number.

“Do you want me to call the Plumber, see if he can come around today?”

“Preferably before lunch,” Chris agreed. Haley dialled the number and was pleased when she found the Collaroy Plumber could fit them in before his next job.

There was only one couple seated in the restaurant when the Plumber arrived. He parked in the laneway on the side and came in through the kitchen door, as directed. The bathrooms were just through the corridor from the kitchen, Chris directed him. The Plumber had a look at the toilets and attempted to plunge them. When nothing happened he announced that he would need to set up his high pressure water jetter as there was something blocking the whole line. The Collaroy Plumber apologised in advance. The jetter would be noisy, but he would make sure the toilets began working again. The Plumber found an access point on the street and ran the jetter up the line. He hit the blockage and had to work the jetter to clear it. It took some time, but it finally came clear. The rest of the line was free. The problem, it turned out, was a collection of paper towels and sanitary products. Chris frowned once he was told. Haley was already jotting down a note to write signs for the bathrooms to ask people politely to not flush their gross products down the dunnies. The Collaroy Plumber tested the toilets and cleaned up any mess he found. Everything was running normally again.

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