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Got a plumbing emergency? Don’t stress. At Plumber Collaroy, our emergency plumbers are equipped with state-of-the-art technologies to handle all types plumbing emergencies. Some of the plumbing emergencies include:

  • Blocked drains
  • Leaks or burst pipes
  • Hot water issues
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Why Plumber Collaroy?

  • Quick service
  • We will respond to your concern within an hour anywhere in Collaroy
  • Over 125,000 cases of household plumbing emergencies handled each year
  • Our emergency plumbers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

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Emergency Plumbing Collaroy

Samuel had just finished hanging up the last load of washing when Oliver came running out of the house covered in bubbles. The young boy was giggling and laughing, the armload of soap suds he had flying into the air as he tossed it up and began running circles through the fallout.

“Where did that come from?” Samuel asked his son. He took the boy by the hand and walked him back into the house. He could hear running water, which was not a good sign. Jake, the elder son (by a year and a half) was darting into the bathroom, covered from head to toe in soap suds. “Jake,” Samuel stepped into the bathroom and almost slipped over in his shoes. The floor was covered in water and bubble bath mix, both oil and bubble form. Jake froze and looked at his dad.

“I found it like this!” He protested, pointing to the bathroom vanity unit. The door was wide open with water spraying out. Samuel dimly remembered knocking over the bubble bath container last night while trying to dry the boys off after their bath. The container was now in Jakes hands, with the liquid dribbling into the water. He plucked the container out of Jake’s hands and switched the mini tap off under the vanity. The water flow stopped, but unfortunately the mess remained. He ran the boys through the shower to rinse them off, before leaving them in their shared room while he called a local Collaroy Plumber who could fix the broken connection.

With his boot covers on to protect the floors, the Neighbourhood Plumber had a look under the sink. Samuel had already cleaned up the bubble mess, but there was still evidence of the liquid in the vanity, which he hadn’t gotten to yet. Oliver and Jake watched intently as the Collaroy Plumber quoted his repair price and explained that age had worn the hose away. They were under his feet asking what his tools did and why he did his job and why did the hose need to be there anyway. The Plumber was polite and answered them as best he could. Samuel tried to shoo his boys away, but they wouldn’t leave, fascinated by what the Plumber was doing, so he eventually picked them up and stood them in the bath so they wouldn’t get in the Neighbourhood Plumbers way. They hung over the edge of the bath, still intently watching. The local Plumber worked on, regardless, as he disconnected the old flexible hose connection. He then installed the new one, before turning on the water supply and checking and testing for leaks. Everything was fixed properly.

For an Emergency Collaroy Plumber you can rely on, contact your local Neighbourhood Plumber today on 0421 914 058 !

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