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hot-water rhainaiBrenda had finally gotten her baby to sleep. It was 2am and she was beyond exhausted. She just needed a glass of water and it was back to bed. She entered the kitchen without turning the light on. Water pooled between her toes. It didn’t trigger as unusual until she opened the fridge to get a bottle and the light spilled out over the linoleum floor. She blinked a couple of times, her body waking up a little more quickly now. Water was gushing from under the cabinets. She was about to shout Pauls name when she caught herself at the last second. The Baby had just gotten to sleep. Beyond stressed, she leapt out of the kitchen, barely remembering to close the fridge door, and pounced on her husband. He followed her out to the kitchen to see the damage for himself.

Brenda searched online for a Plumber. She called several numbers and hit message banks or numbers that simply didn’t pick up. Then, finally, someone answered. Someone who was cheerful despite the hour. She explained her predicament and almost burst into tears. The voice on the other end remained calm and talked her through the problem. The hot water tank, which was where the water was coming from, would need to be isolated. Brenda stumbled into the kitchen. Paul had already opened the doors. The voice explained that she would need to turn off the hot water tank, stopping the water flow. She did as she was told, finding the tap just behind the tank. She twisted it until she couldn’t move it any more. The water flow ceased. The voice was still there and she thanked them desperately. Now the water was stopped the tiredness began to seep back, so Brenda organized for the Plumber to get there first thing the next morning. She stumbled back to bed while Paul cleaned up the water.

Brenda met the Plumber at her front door, baby on hip. Paul was still fast asleep. He’d spent hours mopping up as best he could through the night. She showed the Collaroy Plumber to the disaster zone and watched as he inspected the tank. He sighed and turned to face her.

“This could have been avoided,” he explained regretfully. “Whoever installed this tank used illegal connections. See these,” he showed her a metal hose which looked as if it had snapped apart. “This is a
flexible hose and isn’t supposed to be on a hot water system. The heat and the pressure wears away at the inside until it bursts. The connection should be made out of copper piping.”

“Oh,” was all Brenda could bring herself to say. She had no idea who had installed the tank. They’d only moved in three years ago.

“I can fix it, though,” he assured her with a smile.

He worked quickly, efficiently, and as quietly as he could after she told him Paul was asleep. He got rid of the damaged hoses and connected copper piping to replace them. He even cleaned up the area, sopping up the last of the water in the cupboard and getting rid of the mess he’d made. The Collaroy Plumber handed her his business card and promised that regardless of the time, the number would be answered. Brenda thanked him from the bottom of her heart.

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