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ddp pipereliningTrees can add shade, beauty, and cool air to your property. The disadvantage of having trees on your property? They can completely block your sewer line, especially if the sewer line is composed of a number of earthenware pipes placed underground several decades ago. How does this happen?

Earthenware pipes are short: around two or three feet. For this reason, many pipes need to be connected together. All connections made are secured by rubber rings.

When pipes have been long underground, the entire sewer line will have been subjected to a lot of ground movement. It is likely that a tree root network has made its way through the pipes in there due to years of ground pressure. Roots catch debris, and by the time enough dirt has accumulated, everyone at the property will begin to notice the effects, which include the following:

  • The toilets gurgle
  • Water rises in the toilet bowl
  • The sewer gully will begin to overflow
  • Water takes a very long time to go down the drain
  • The nausea-inducing odour

Not fixing this problem immediately results in a sewer backup, which can do significant damage to a property and compromise the health of those who live there.

The good news: this can be sorted out.

The traditional way of fixing this problem involves excavating part of the property to access the sewer line and using an electric eel to cut away the tree root network and the debris it caught. It works, although it fails to address the fact that roots will inevitable grow in there again. The new roots will be thicker and stronger, and will be the main reason why cracks become bigger until a section breaks.

Fortunately, we offer a hassle-free and time-saving alternative to the traditional method. This service is called ‘pipe relining’

How is pipe relining done?

  • The team partially clears the sewer pipe with a high-pressure water jetter.
  • A video camera will then be inserted in the sewer line. This allows us to know the location of the problem and its severity.
  • We will then completely clean the sewer with the water jetter we used earlier. The water pressure this machine is capable of unleashing is powerful enough to remove the roots and the dirt that built up in your pipe.
  • Once the roots and debris have been cleared, we will then proceed with setting up the lining. It is inverted into your pipe with a machine, and then blown up in the pipe. We will leave it there for hours until it sticks there.
  • Our plumbing team will then assess the work using the video camera.

What makes pipe-relining the best solution to a sewer blockage?

  • Since there is no digging involved, it is cost-effective.
  • The lining is durable enough to prevent roots from making their way in the sewer line.
  • It lasts more than fifty years in the property.
  • The new lining can also prevent sewer pipe leaks, thus preventing soil contamination.
  • It gives your property a boost in value.

Give our plumbing team a call on 0421 914 058 to take advantage of this amazing service. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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